The Basics

Want some personal attention? Click here to arrange a 45 minute fitting with one of our lovely stylists. Your $30 will be redeemable during your appointment.

The appointment deposit acts as a 24 hour cancellation fee so that if you can’t make an appointment, we can make room for another lovely lady to take your place!

For last minute emergencies give us a call at +65 8339 5669.


If you’d like to try before you rent (and get some face time with us) we’ve now opened up at 43 JALAN MERAH SAGA #03-62 (right about Original Sin at Chip Bee Gardens)!

Yes we do! We’ve just started shipping our first few Rentadella boxes past the shores of Singapore to Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and the UK. For more information, drop us a line at hello@rentadella.com and we’ll see what we can muster up!

We certainly do! We even offer a 4 hour service island wide. If you need something within the hour do give us a call at +65 8339 5669 😉

Our most common rentals are for 4 or 8-days. We recommend you to organise your dress to arrive 1-2 days prior to your event to ensure you have plenty of time to get try on, accessorise and plan out your look. Here’s why –

Day 1 – Receive your dress and try it on.

Day 2 – Accessories and find the right shoes for the dress.

Day 3 – Wear it (and work it) at your event.

Day 4 – Pack in the box ready to be picked up/or returned.

We deliver Monday – Saturday only. Although we’d love to, our couriers only operate on business days.

To ask about our 2 week (or more) holiday hire, contact us via hello@rentadella.com. We do discount packages when 3 or more dresses are rented for 8 days or more!


#lastminuteshoppersunite because we offer a same-day delivery service for orders placed before 4pm.

For emergencies, give us a call at +65 8339 5669.

The dress will arrive on the date and time slot outlined. Unfortunately, we don’t deliver on Sundays or public holidays so it’s best to order in advance. Sorry girl!

We automatically select the correct shipping option to ensure your items arrive at your door by 10pm on your rental delivery date.

As a guide:

Standard (orders made up to 6pm the night before): $15.95

Same Day: $17.95

Can’t decide? Order a backup dress for $15 or gown for $30 for 4 days or $30/$60 for 8 days. Just email us at emergency@rentadella.com, we’ll check availability and include it in your order. Sidenote: the lower-priced style will discount to $15.

Here’s a few rules for your back up dress –

  1. Your ‘backup dress’ can be any dress. Maybe you want to order a different size of the same dress or a completely different style. It’s up to you!
  2. Because you get a backup dress for a bargain price, this doesn’t mean you can wear both. Remember, the tag must be intact for this to be considered a ‘backup’. If both have been worn and the tags are removed, we will take this as an indication of wear and you will be charged the full rental fee for both dresses.
  3. On a budget? Try choosing two styles within a similar price range as the difference between two styles does not get refunded if you choose to wear the more expensive item.
  4. Only eligible for people ordering online and haven’t had time to try on our lovely gowns in the showroom!


See a dress or accessory that you love? Click on the small heart to the right of the item to save all of your faves so you can easily compare and find dresses/accessories at a later date.

We like a girl who knows what she wants! The good news is, you can reserve a dress up to 4 months in advance and we recommend you to schedule your order to arrive 1-2 days before your event. Don’t miss out on the dream dress, when you’ve found the one, lock her down to avoid outfit fomo. We also offer same-day delivery just in case you’re in a hurry!

There’s nothing average about you girl, that’s why we offer a range of dresses to suit all body shapes and heights.

If you’re worried about the length, check out the dress length and recommended height under the “Size & Fit” tab on each product page. If you still aren’t quite sure about the length of your dress, simply contact our team for help or to organise a time for you to come in for a fitting. We also offer temporary alterations that can be done a day or two before your event (depending on when your rental period starts).

Yes, we can get our seamstress to help temporarily alter the dress for a small fee at our showroom, a day or two prior to your event. We don’t allow alterations on any of our items by yourself or another third party. If need be, you can temporarily “hem” your dress with Fashion Tape, provided you remove the tape prior to sending it back.

A lot of care goes into ensuring our dresses fresh and clean. Our expert cleaning fairies use a variety of techniques to ensure that each style is dry cleaned, steamed and pressed, inspected for quality, and packaged with care so that it’s ready for another lucky lady to wear.

We do our very best to ensure your dress arrives sans creases. Each dress is steamed and pressed before being gentle folded into your RENTADELLA box. If you receive a dress with slight creases, please try steaming the garment on low heat or contact us at hello@rentadella.com for more advice.


Take a look at the fit and measurement details on the “Size and Fit” tab of each product page. We list the best undergarments and if needed, you can purchase them through our site. Easy, peasy.

If you need additional assistance, reach out to a stylist by emailing hello@rentadella.com


You sure can! In fact, we rely on your feedback to help us keep up-to-date with what you want. E-mail us at hello@rentadella.com and let us know what you’ve been adding to your imaginary cart.


Your order number is located on the “My Account” page (look for it on the top right of the home page!). On the page, select “Orders” on the left side. Please reference this number if you need to email a stylist.

You sure can girl. All cancelations and exchanges must be made a week before your rental date by e-mailing emergency@rentadella.com (a $15 fee will be charged). After, you’ll receive a credit to your RENTADELLA account. Anything under a week will incur a charge of $30 for keeping the dress booked. There are no cancellations 24 hours before the rental is due to start.

The Rental

Our courier will try to get a hold of you to arrange a safe place for you to leave your parcel. If you can, please let us know in the ‘additional notes’ section of the checkout, where is best to leave your RENTADELLA when you’re not there. We’ll also give you a 4 hour window in your delivery time to stop any suprises. 🙂

(For online orders only)

Firstly, you are so darn beautiful and secondly don’t stress, we have a Love Your Look Promise that we take very seriously, and here’s why you’re guaranteed to look like a queen –

Hate it? We’ll help you find another dress.

If you email emergency@rentadella.com before midnight, we can express deliver another dress in time for your event. Simply email us and we’ll ship you an available style for $12.95 (this covers the delivery fee). If the style you select is more expensive, you will be charged the difference in price. If the style is less expensive, you will be given a merchandise credit for the difference in price.

Can’t seem to find the one?

In the rare cases that you can’t find your match, we are more than happy to give you a RENTADELLA credit (less the cost of shipping, accessories and saleable items) if none of the dresses that you have ordered fit quite right.

Email emergency@rentadella.com before midnight with the tags intact and we’ll send a courier to take the garments off your hand!

You can pick up your dress from our HQ:

43 Jalan Merah Saga, #03-62 Chip Bee Gardens

During opening hours:

MONDAY – 3pm – 8pm
TUESDAY – 12pm – 8pm
WEDNESDAY – 12pm – 8pm
THURSDAY – 12pm – 8pm
FRIDAY – 12pm – 8pm
SATURDAY – 10am – 5pm

Each item undergoes an extensive checklist before being sent out to you and are subjected to usual wears a dress would face after being worn a few times. If for some reason we have missed something major, this must be reported within 24 hours and the dress sent back with our security tag still in tact. It’s important to leave the tag on as without it, you will be charged with whatever major damages are found upon return.

Not at all, simply wear and return. Dry cleaning and minor damage insurance is all inclusive. 🙂

We know it’s tough to let go but it’s better to have loved and slayed than to have never slayed at all, right? Send us an email to orders@rentadella.com and we’ll see what we can do! Also feel free to visit our Clearance section, which features some of our gently worn items for up to 75% off. Happy shopping!

You’re covered for dry cleaning and minor damages but if you do happen to have an accident (red wine and Queen Bey, can be a dangerous combination), just give us the heads up by sending an email to emergency@rentadella.com.

If the damage is more major (beyond repair), or the dress becomes lost or stolen, then, unfortunately, you aren’t covered by the insurance.

If the item is damaged or stained beyond repair, we will have to charge you the retail price of the item but on the plus side, it is now yours to keep! Come on, it’s only fair.

If the item sent out is never returned (or replaced), then we will charge you double the retail price of the item and you will lose some serious karma points, girlfriend.

Returning is simple. When checking out, you’re given the option to either drop off her off at our HQ or for our friendly courier to come pick her up within a designated time frame. All you have to do is place all items back inside your RENTADELLA box (we are all about recycling here) and start planning your next rental.

We know things can get a little crazy something so email emergency@rentadella.com if you haven’t already asked us to pick up your item and lock in a time with our team for the courier to swing past to collect. Remember, if you message on the day you were supposed to drop the item back, the fee will be $12.95, otherwise it’s $8 for the change of plans.

We take pride in meeting and exceeding the expectations of all of our girl gang and part of this is providing an exceptional experience and that begins with an on-time delivery. When a dress or accessory is not returned to us on time by a customer, or it is lost or stolen, it impacts our ability to deliver our promises to all of our lovely ladies and it may start to give us a bad rep.

Our products are unique and irreplaceable, and it’s, for this reason, we can’t simply purchase additional products to fulfill orders due to late returns. We rely on our community to return our products on time so that we can ensure other fine ladies will have their special dress for their special event.

Still got questions? Please review our Late Fee Policy below which explains how to return your rental products and outlines the fees charged for late returns.


Don’t sweat it girl, we’ll arrange to collect the dress the next working day! Same goes for if you are dropping the dress off to us.

It’s totally fine. We just need at least 24 hours notice before the original delivery time to make the change or you. If you contact us via emergency@rentadella.com within the 24 hours you will be charged $12.95 for us to cancel the old order and place a new same day delivery order.

No problems girl. The date and time of pick up is stated on your invoice and card inside your RENTADELLA box. In order to avoid a late fee–

• Email us at emergency@rentadella.com to rearrange a delivery (this will be an extra $12.95). Just note, deliveries end at 6pm each day so you will need to let us know by 4pm for same day pickups.

• You still have the option to drop off your box to the RENTADELLA HQ at 43 Jalan Merah Saga, #03-62 during opening hours.

• Please note that you are liable for any late fees incurred, regardless of any third party involved with the return. Do not leave your rentals with any third party. Eg. hotel lobby, mailroom or with a forgetful friend for return.

If you do happen to miss your return date and send your dress back late, then a late fee of $30 per day applies up to double the retail fee (ouch!).

When a return is late, we will charge $30 per day up to 200% percent of the original retail fee of the garment (which we just auto charge after 14 days). Why so harsh? Because one late return can ruin the next girl’s life (and our street cred)… okay maybe not life but it will mean she won’t be able to wear her dream dress if you have not returned it. And that’s not cool.

Discounts & Packages

Indeed we do! For the ladies who like to bring their Rentadella outfits overseas (or just want to hold on to them for a little longer) we offer 3+ dresses booked for 8 days for their listed 4 day price. Likewise 3+ dresses booked for 15 days for their listed 8 day price.

Maybe baby. For all PR and Media enquiries, it’s best to contact us at hello@rentadella.com. Side note: our above ts & cs apply to everyone.

Although we currently don’t have a bridal range (we’re working on it!), many customers have used our dresses and gowns for wedding photoshoots, wedding gowns and to dress their bridal party. If there is a certain style in particular you’d like to wear but don’t want to buy, email us at hello@rentadella.com and we can try and get it in especially for you!

We also offer discounts for wedding parties who want to use Rentadella as their ‘wedding sponsor’ for their wedding guests. Hit us up at hello@rentadella.com for more info!